With the release of iPhone 6, an avalanche of troll-fodder articles flooded the internet. This one takes my top spot. The title alone is cringe-worthy. It says, “How Apple is undeniably becoming more like Android”. How Apple, a company, can become like Android, a mobile operating system? For the sake of argument, I’ll bite and pretend that the author probably meant “How Apple is undeniably ripping off Android features”:

• Scenario 1: When every other competitor almost gave up in competing with the 9.7-inch iPad, the industry started going for tablets near the size of 7-inches – and they were a hit. Apple, seeing this opportunity, enters the market with the iPad Mini.

Repeat after me and say, “Apple is never about being first in the market”. iPod was not the first MP3 player. iPhone was not the first smartphone. iPad was not the first tablet. They were hit because Apple took its time for the technology to mature and define the experience for these products right from the start. I would go further and say that I can’t think of an Apple product that became a hit because it’s the first one to hit the market.

• Scenario 2: Probably aiming to see the profitability of a plastic phone with colors ala Samsung & ala Nokia, Apple recreated the iPhone 5 in the form of the iPhone 5C.

The author alludes that Apple copied Samsung and Nokia’s strategy to build cheap, low-end phones. Apple never plays the low-quality-high-volume game. It’s always about building best quality product and getting high margin. The iPhone 5c’s build quality is superior than Samsung and Nokia’s low end phones. iPhone 5c’s specs was the same as iPhone 5.

• Scenario 3: iOS’ redesign on version 7 included a lot of elements from various operating systems. This video points it out.

I don’t get this. The author referenced a video discussing about how various OSs influenced iOS 7’s UI metaphor including Windows Vista, Windows Phone, and Android. This does not support the article’s main point that Apple is ripping off Android features. More importantly, iOS’ departure from skeumorphic design is a well-documented crusade. There was no shortage of criticism why Apple has stuck to its faux 3D UI for so long.

• Scenario 4: The latest version of iOS, iOS 8, becomes more open with better notifications, widgets and third-party keyboards.

Apple takes its time when implementing features. They make sure that they implement them correctly. Take third-party keyboards  for example. Most people do not realise how dangerous it is to use third-party keyboards. They can easily capture information and send it to a remote server. If you’re a developer, this is a good overview regarding how custom keyboards are implemented in iOS 8.

• Scenario 5: Following the trend of extremely large phones started by Samsung, Apple then decides to release two iPhone 6 devices – one having a 5.5-inch display, more software enhancements, OIS and a different screen resolution.

I will concede that Apple cave into this. Apple has repeatedly said that they found the right screen size from the start but eventually changed its mind. Thrice. However, this again falls to the category that Apple takes its time when adapting new technology.

Apple is not dense. There’s an obvious clamour for bigger phones so they went for it. However, they exercise restrain if it doesn’t make sense. Case in point: Netbooks.

• Scenario 6: Smartwatches have been gaining traction since last year, and once again it’s only now that Apple follows suit with the Apple Watch.

Refer to #1. Also, smartwatch is a not new technology.