Push Forward


Keep moving forward.

~ Walt Disney

I’ve always found this quote underwhelming. “Moving” is a poor choice for my taste. Moving forward roughly translates to accepting whatever comes. That is so not inspirational.

I’ve recently achieved a significant albeit small milestone for my team. I can’t help but to romanticise the moment. When I look back, the things that we’ve been through to get here is just too much to accept that “moving” forward is enough. It is not. Not even close. You don’t win by moving forward. You win by overcoming insurmountable obstacle even in your weakest moment. You win by pouring an unrelenting conviction and dedication to get what you want. You win by pushing forward. So today, I feel smug that, in my own right, I get to correct one of the geniuses of modern times.

Don’t just move forward, push forward.

~ Jose Capistrano

There, Walt, FIFY.