Local Tech News

If you’re a technology news junkie like me, you probably keep a list of tech news sources. Here’s my personal list of local technology news sources (independent blogs, local news outlet) that I have been collecting through the years.

ABS-CBN News | Gadgets and tech Site
GMA News Online / SciTech / Technology, Gadgets and Gaming RSS Site
Inquirer Technology^ RSS Site
mb.com.ph | Philippine News >> Technology RSS Site
MobileTechPinoy RSS Site
Newsbytes Philippines RSS Site
Rappler: Technology RSS Site
TechInAsia RSS Site
Techolo – Philippine Technology Outlook Blog RSS Site
Webgeek Philippines RSS Site
YugaTech | Philippines, Technology & Reviews RSS Site

I have included the RSS links for the old fogeys like me. I still enjoy my news in my favorite feed reader and coffee. Happy reading.