Keep Taking Those Pictures

This morning, I got a notification in my computer from Apple Photos. It says “Best of the Year 2017”. When I opened it, it was a nice collection of photos I took all through out 2017. Cycling competitions I joined, small dinners with friends, and some big milestones in my life. Most of them I haven’t posted in social media. It is such a delight. It’s akin to a friend showing you an old picture you have no idea about.

The value of photos has become disposable. People take photos, post it online, get some attention, and completely forget about them. The ease and abundance of capturing memories in our lives has reduced our ability to appreciate good ones. Everybody just wants new memories.

The real value of photos is serendipity—accidentally discovering an old photo, reminding you how it felt that time. Going in to that time capsule and remembering the moment.

Keep taking those pictures; not because someone has to “like” it but rather of how it will remind you of that moment when you accidentally discover them.