Farewell, Web Forms

Stephen Walther announcing the death of Web Forms in ASP.NET 5:

I love ASP.NET Web Forms. I’ve spent hundreds – if not thousands – of hours of my life building Web Forms applications. However, it is finally time to say goodbye. ASP.NET Web Forms is not part of ASP.NET 5.

I was shocked but not surprised. ASP.NET Web Forms is a bit long in the tooth. Compared to ASP.NET MVC, it has so many unnecessary baggage. You have to deal with cruft like Page Life Cyle, Server Events and worst of all, ViewState.

I wrote the first web application that I am actually proud of in ASP.NET Web Forms. Even then, we had to do crazy things to make it work. Remember UpdatePanel? Even my nostalgia won’t make me wish that they spare Web Forms. It’s just time to move on.