Death to All the Ports


Apple just announced its latest MacBook. It’s tiny… This MacBook only has a single USB-C and it does everything from charging, to sending video out and transporting data.

Predictably, a lot of people are criticising Apple for the move. This is the same reaction I made during its launch on January 2008 when Apple decided not to include CD-ROM in the MacBook Air. Guess what? I am writing this blog on a 13″ MacBook Air. I get why Apple is doing this. I also understand why most people are disappointed. If you are one of those people, the answer is simple: this product is not for you, yet. People have hundreds of options out there including Apple’s own products: MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook is a forward-thinking product. Imagine going back being in 2005 and using a machine where you can start working the second you open your laptop’s lid up. No boot time, no waiting. When you need to connect to a device, you do not plug anything to your machine, it connects wirelessly. It does all the computing in the background, wireless and silently. It makes everything simple and easy. Familiar? That’s because it’s possible now and the new MacBook further solidifies the concept.

I am not claiming that the new MacBook will be the only one to do this but, compared to any device in the market right now, it has the clearest intention to do this. It might also be the best device to execute such dream.

A machine that doesn’t go in your way so it starts to disappear. That’s what this device is all about.