Biking 2.0

I’ve been biking like crazy for five months now and it has been a very rewarding experience. I feel a lot better: I lost more than 30 kilos and my body mass index (BMI) has plummeted back to normal—I used to be a type II obese—yikes!

I am using Endomondo as my primary workout app. It records all sorts of data during workout: calories burned, distance travelled, altitude and so much more. At the end of the month, it sends a nice summary of how you did for the entire month. Just for fun, I whipped up some charts<!> plotting my monthly biking statistics.

KM Calories Hours
March 64.10 2,658.00 4.96
April 313.70 13,929.00 19.95
May 670.50 30,577.00 40.32
June 363.20 15,920.00 20.13
July 599.90 27,732.00 37.57
August 475.20 20,509.00 28.68
TOTAL 2,486.60 111,325.00 151.61
Distance Travelled / Month

Calories Burned / Month

Total Hours

I am using Fitbit Aria to monitor my weight loss. Here’s the money graph (extracted from Apple Health app):